About us

The concept is the same as Ramen to Bíiru Nørrebro, a Japanese ramen concept, with no seat reservations.

Come, print your food and beer tickets at the machine. Find or wait for an available seat. Go to the counter with your printed tickets and place your orders. As something new we have expanded our beer sortiment. Eight beers on tap and a vending machine filled with fun, rare and lovely hoppy beers.

We will have a larger selection of bottle beers and are looking forward to guide you through them all if you prefer.

We have a vegetarian option and TAKE-AWAY is now available.

Order directly on our website, call us on 53 60 79 97 or come down to the shop and place your order in person. Come BEFORE rush-hour to avoid a long wait. You can come in the afternoon on your way home, and then heat it when you fell the hunger. Instructions in the bag.

Opening Hours

MON – SUN: 12.00 – 21.00

(kitchen closes at 20:45)

Om os

Ramen To Biiru er et Japansk ramen koncept, som først åbnede dørene tilbage i 2015 på Nørrebro. Sidenhen har vi åbnet restauranter på Vesterbro, Østerbro, Valby & Frederiksberg.



Vi tilbyder et hav af forskellige ramens, både klassisk japanske, men også vores egne kreationer. Dette inkluderer også 3 veganske optioner. Hvor størstedelen også kan tages med hjem som take-away!



Derudover har vi et bredt sortiment af special øl, både på fad, flasker og dåser, samt japanske sodavand og te.



Har du lyst til TAKE AWAY? 

Bestil direkte fra vores hjemmeside, ring på 53 60 79 97 eller stop forbi restauranten. Kom FØR rush-hour, hvis du vil undgå lang ventetid. I kan stoppe forbi på vejen hjem og snuppe lidt mad, som blot skal varmes for at nydes. Instrukser i posen!



Mandag – Søndag: 12.00 – 21.00

(Køkkenet lukker 20.45)


Chicken broth, chili and Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) , Kombu (Japanese seaweed) base, topped with soy-marinated pork belly, spring onions and wakame seaweed. 

(Medium spicy)


Classic chicken broth and SHIO-taré (the flavor base for the ramen, salt) topped with thin sliced rich and tender pork neck chashu, spring onions and crispy nori seaweed.


Chicken broth and SHOYU-taré (the flavor base for the ramen, soy-sauce) topped with thin sliced rich and tender pork neck chashu, spring onions, narutomaki (steamed minced fish meat) and flavored bamboo shoots.


Chicken broth added a creamy miso paste. Topped with thin sliced rich and tender pork chashu, pak choi & spring onions. 


Spicy miso ramen

Chicken broth and spicy miso blend, topped with kakuni (rich fatty pork belly), spring onions and hanjyuku tamago (soft boiled egg). Special feature: choose your spiciness (flavored from dried SHICHIMI chili and chili oil).

Levels 1 – 4.


Chicken broth and Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), Kombu (Japanese seaweed) base, topped with thin sliced rich and tender pork neck chashu, spring onions, flavored bamboo shoots and crispy nori seaweed.


Spicy goma ramen

Chicken & vegetable broth with konbu taré & a sesame / chili blend topping: Minced chili chicken, spring onion & pak choi.


A rich miso based ramen with kakuni, chashu and spicy minced pork.


Chicken & vegetable broth, sichuan marinated minched pork, chili, ma po tofu and spring onions.


Choose between a shio or shoyu style broth with chashu, wakame and naruto.


A broth of Kombu (Japanese seaweed), with Shoyu-taré (the flavor base for the ramen, soy-sauce), sesame oil and homemade garlic/ginger oil. Topped with mushrooms, wakame seawees and spring onions.


Miso ramen

Our popular spicy miso ramen, in a vegan option. Topped with tofu and marinated mushrooms.



Miso ramen

Vegetarian miso ramen, topped with tofu, pak choi and wakame.



Pork, Bone Marrow and Chicken broth, cooked for 3 Days, topped with thin sliced rich and tender pork neck chashu, spring onions, garlic cabbage, egg and finished with a roasted garlic oil. 


Side orders

Edamame with yuzu juice and salt.



Gyoza with minced chicken, soya and spring onions (3 pieces).


Mushrooms long simmered in soy marination served with garlic oil and spring onions.


Pork long simmered in soy, mirin, and sugar, served with black pepper and spring onion.


Mikkeller logo

Is the adventurous story of a beer loving Danish math- and physics teacher, who started experimenting with hops, malt and yeast in his small kitchen in Copenhagen and today exports his craft beer to 50 countries around the World. Mikkel Bjergsø’s inventive and constant development of Mikkeller has made him internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge brewers and entrepreneurs in the world.

Authentic Ramen
by Mikkeller & Uki

Japanese ramen is roughly 400-years old. From food stalls in Yokohama’s Chinatown, ramen spread to the rest of Japan. In those days, Chinese lamian (pulled noodles) was adapted to suit Japanese preferences and called Chuka Soba (Chinese noodles).


A simple bowl of Chuka Soba (egg noodles in a broth made from chicken stock seasoned with soy sauce),became popular for its taste, reasonable price and fast service. Thus the Japanese soul food, ramen, was born.


Our goal and objective, like so many before us, is to spread the warmth and lovely spirit of ramen to all of you.

In the nature of evolution, we hope to flourish and create our own unique style and taste that will suit ours and future generations to come. Our minds are never resting and we are always working on new recipes.


We will kick it off with chicken based broth like the first some 400-years ago with a bit of everyday fun from modern Japan and its fast-food culture in combination with similarly unique and high-quality craft beer, enjoy!